Remember the little white lie your friend told, when she said she doesn’t really like beer? Or the time your beer enthusiast buddy said he’d never go for a cocktail? Well, here’s something for both. Hedönist Beer/Cocktail brings you a category that soothes the palate of beer culture lovers, while being a perfect choice for a friend who wouldn’t primarily choose beer.

But what Beer/cocktail really is? Simple, it´s a cocktail, which main ingredient is beer.

Our Beer/cocktails includes 5 ingredients

  • Beer
  • Liqueur
  • Fruit juice
  • Lemon juice
  • Syrup

For this kind of cocktail 5 ingredients combination needs to be very balanced that taste is right. Not too sweet, malty, sour, bitter... Simple? Not. That´s why we teamed up with A21 Flavour Boutique´s true professionals. A21´s award winning bartender Timo Siitonen has been perfected our Beer/Cocktails flavours.