1. a person whose life is devoted to the pursuit of happiness
  2. those who seek fulfillment through pleasure in life.



HEDÖNIST (with dem dots)



  1. a beverage brand to answer the call for pleasure and happiness
  2. a name to sum up a new kind of fun and wild in the beverage industry


Remember the boys from the back of the classroom? The ones who were never too good with rules and regulations…but were oh-so-exiting in their wild ways? Well. That’s us. Being a Hedönist is not about asking a permission for enjoyment. Hedönist is unapologetic indulgence.


We don’t do average. And we don’t always succeed, but we’re not afraid to fail. We hustle hard but stay humble. We trust ourselves, because we can, and we should. And we trust this community, because we are all in this together. We are the consumers, and the consumers are us.


You tell us what to do, and where to break the lines. Unusual recipes, quirky ingredients, come taste the nectars of the North, born in the pure arctic paradise. Join our celebration of beer – and all it can be.